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Physical Therapy and Coaching specializing in Strength Athletes

Strength-based rehab


Helping strength-training athletes navigate and overcome painful lifts so they can continue or get back to focusing on their performance.

Intro/Return to Strength Training

Helping new and former lifters get started with a strength training routine as a safe and efficient way to maximize their health, fitness, and confidence

"We are all athletes. We just play different sports, in different divisions." -Dr. Jared Hutchens, PT, DPT, ATC, LAT

Strength-based Rehab--Helping strength athletes to stop avoiding, limiting, or modifying their lifts

​Examples of problems we solve:

  • Hip or knee pain while squatting

  • Back pain while dead lifting

  • Shoulder pain with bench press and overhead lifts


Tired of being told to just "stop lifting?"

At Hutch Health, we understand the massive benefits of barbell lifting for your physical and mental health, fitness, and well-being. That's why our #1 priority with our clients is to get them back to enjoying their barbell routine with as few modifications or limitations as possible. 

Whether you're a:

Cross Fit athlete, bodybuilder,  power lifter, Olympic lifter, team sport athlete, or recreational lifter,


If you are dealing with pain during your lifting routine...

Hutch Health Services is here to help!

Intro to Barbell Training
Developing Strength For Life

Lifting Barbell

For years we have encouraged all our athletes at all levels, from beginner to elite, to incorporate a strength training program into their exercise routine.


Implementation of a strength training program improves your physical strength, power, and athletic performance, and also reduces your risk of sports-related injury. In addition to the sports-related benefits, strength training also improves the health of your musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems, thus maximizing your long term health.

While there are many ways to get stronger,, at Hutch Health we place an emphasis on barbell training. When it comes to strength training, barbell lifts offer the most bang for your buck, allowing for a comprehensive, total body workout that is safe, efficient, and easily adjustable to fit the needs of any lifter.

Heavy Weights

Hutch Health now offers Strength Coaching to our clients. Using a framework founded in exercise science and physiology, we collaborate with our clients to develop a strength training program that meets their needs based on their experience level, sports-specific requirements, and personal preferences.

Our Intro to Barbell Training program not only teaches participants safe and effective technique for foundational barbell lifts, but also offers individualized lift modifications based on body type, goals, and personal preferences. 

Who do we help?

Woman Weightlifting

Ideal Candidates for Hutch Health Services

Everyone can benefit from working with a physical therapist to optimize their physical function, but no therapist is the right fit for everyone. Hutch Health Services' philosophy and methodology are best suited for:

  • Athletes that are limited in their strength training by pain or injury

  • Austinites looking to develop stronger, more resilient bodies and minds for lifelong health

  • Active individuals interested in a modern healthcare solution that empowers them to take control of their health




I had the great experience of working with Jared after my ACL+meniscus repair. He really takes the time to evaluate his patients and come up with a treatment plan specific to that patient . He’s very knowledgeable about body mechanics and goes out of his way to explain why some exercises are used and why others aren’t, he’s very professional! I could go on and mention other qualities (keeps you motivated, is personable) but I’m limited to 1000 characters so I’ll summarize: I highly recommend Jared!



I went to Jared for physical therapy after having lateral ligament reconstruction surgery on my ankle. I already had a previous surgery for hyperlaxity in my ligaments 8 years prior, so I was pretty frustrated that I had to have an additional surgery. I was 8 weeks post surgery when I started PT and I was in a lot of pain. Jared was so supportive and told me that we would go at my pace in therapy. He reassured me that even though I was having a lot of pain, it was completely safe to start to stretch and rehabilitate my ankle. I really appreciated the time he took to educate me about nerves, nerve pain, muscles and ligaments and how they work, something my surgeon did not do. Jared also was very validating of my exhaustion and frustration at the pace of my progress because of my lingering pain. He was very encouraging and always reminded me of the progress I had already made. Jared is incredibly friendly, very knowledgeable, and genuinely caring about my well being and recovery. I really appreciated having him as an extra support, physically and emotionally, during my recovery and I'm incredibly grateful for the time he spent with me. He is a great person to have in your corner to help you meet your goals!



Jared provides world-class training and rehabilitation services with a down-to-earth, empathetic approach. As a boxing and MMA coach and recreational athlete with an array of injuries and limitations, I have struggled with pain and physical plateaus. Jared has made me stronger, faster, and helped me deal with the chronic pain suffered by many aging active folks like my self that may be a little past their prime. You only get one body; I’m glad to have Jared in my corner to ensure my body is stronger and more durable than ever.

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Dr. Jared Hutchens, PT, DPT, ATC, LAT

Owner, Physical Therapist, and Athletic Trainer

Serving Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas


208 W. Powell Ln Austin, TX 78753

Tel:  512-522-2732


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