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Dr. Jared Hutchens


Jared grew up in the ATX, an avid enthusiast for the outdoors and all things sports. He grew up in healthcare, the son of two primary care physicians. His father, Dr. Mark Hutchens, was the Director of Sports Medicine at the University of Texas, and Jared spent much of his childhood with his dad at games and in the athletic training room. This time in the athletic training rooms, watching the sports medicine team care for his favorite athletes, is where Jared found his passion for sports medicine.


His early experience led Jared down the path of studying athletic training all 4 years of high school, and going on to receive his B.S. in athletic training from The University of Texas in 2011. During his time at Texas, Jared spent time working with athletes in all of the major sports, including a year dedicated to the baseball team, and a year with the men’s basketball team. He also had the opportunity to intern for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After graduating, he worked as an athletic training intern for the San Antonio Spurs.  He went on to complete his education at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, where he received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) in 2015.


Since becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jared has worked in Austin for Texas Orthopedics, serving the community he grew up in, with the clinic being less than 10 minutes from his childhood home. He has treated a broad spectrum of patients from the community, with orthopedic injuries and post-operative care for most orthopedic surgeries that are commonly performed. 


As he has built his knowledge and honed his skills as a physical therapist, Jared has found his joy in helping his clients return to their favorite physical activities, and regaining the love and passion for movement that had been taken from them when injured. He first found this passion working with athletes from middle school to the NBA, seeing them go through the full cycle of playing their sport, suffering an injury, and rehabilitating, and finally returning to play. He now applies what he has learned to help the Austin community get back to their game. Whether it’s playing pick-up basketball, completing the WOD at your local box, or throwing the ball with your kids or grandkids, Jared wants to help you get back at it, so you can socialize with your community, and enjoy the tremendous health benefits of staying physically active in a meaningful way.


Dr. Jared Hutchens’ philosophy that fuels the framework of Hutch Health Services, is that we are all athletes, just playing different sports in different divisions. He believes that no matter your skill or experience, no matter whether you’re walking the dog or dunking the ball, you deserve the personalized, holistic approach to medicine that he learned to provide while working as an Athletic Trainer. He aims to help the Austin community be healthy by getting people back to doing what they love, and rediscovering the joy for movement and physical interactions that we often lose along the way.

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