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Concierge Physical Therapy for Athletes

What is Concierge Physical Therapy?

-Private 1:1 sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

-100% Person-centered care that always focuses on the individual, their needs, and their goals, not just their diagnosis or their insurance benefits

-Sessions available in-office at Hutch Health Headquarters, mobile (we come to you), or virtually via video call

Concierge Physical Therapy is a cash-based service providing high-quality healthcare focused on the client. No hand-offs to assistants or aides, no sharing your appointment slot with other clients, and flexible scheduling to meet your needs. 

We work directly with our clients to achieve optimum results without the barriers, restrictions, or limitations often associated with traditional, insurance-based PT clinics. 

No gimmicks or questionable fad treatment strategies here! Our physical therapy philosophy focuses on exercise-based rehab programs, hands-on care, and collaborative approach that empowers our clients to achieve meaningful results. 

At Hutch Health, physical therapy focuses on helping athletes recover from pain and injury, minimize downtime, and maximize their performance, in order to get back to playing on the field, on the court, or in the gym, as soon as is safely possible.

Our treatment philosophy makes use of the medicinal effects of exercise, combined with hands-on treatment, and education regarding tissue healing and pain science to help athletes identify the source of their problem and develop a plan to get back to doing what they love.

Strength-based Rehabilitation

You can't go wrong getting strong


Developing stronger muscles is NOT the answer to all our problems. However, strength-training exercises don't only strength muscles; Bones, ligaments, tendons, intravertebral discs, and joint cartilage all  grow and respond well to a strengthening program.

The implementation of a targeted strengthening program, along with proper sleep, rest, and nutrition, can improve the vast majority of orthopedic issues.

Conditions that are best suited for strength-based rehab include: 

  • Rehab following orthopedic surgery

  • Rehab following broken bones (once healed)

  • Tendinitis/Tendinosis

  • Low back pain

  • Muscle strains

  • Ligament sprains

Acute Injury Management

Not all injuries require surgery, injections, or medications to get better.

In fact, the vast majority of injuries can be managed through proper rest and rehabilitation.

Save time and money, and avoid unnecessary treatments by having a physical therapist evaluate your injury and prescribe a safe and effective program focused on getting you active as soon as possible.  

Navigating Pain with Exercise

Is pain limiting your ability to stay active?

Exercise does not need to be pain-free to be safe and effective in improving your health and fitness.

However, it can be difficult to know whether to push through the pain, or avoid it.

We work with you to identify the source of your issue and how best to address it, while limiting any disruptions to your workouts or training to only what is necessary.

Return to Sport Testing/Training

Bridging the gap between the clinic and field

Many athletes do not receive adequate rehab to fully return to high-level activities. Often, they are discharged too quickly, and are forced to complete the process on their own, risking re-injury or the possibility of never fully recovering. 

Our Return to Sport Program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of mobility, strength, and power to determine any remaining deficits. Then, we provide a training program and coach our athletes through the rehab process to gradually return to full sports participation. 

Interested In any of our sports rehab services? contact us to get started

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