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Having difficulty with Lifting overhead?

This free guide can help you:

  • Improve your flexibility

  • develop overhead strength & control

  • feel better and improve performance with overhead lifts:

    • Strict Press​

    • Push Press

    • Jerk

    • Snatch

    • Overhead Squat

Use the exercises in this guide as a standalone mobility workout, or as part of your warm-up/cool down routine


  • 10 different exercises (try them all, use your favorites)

  • Written descriptions + tips & tricks

  • Pictures

  • Links to video demonstrations

Please submit your contact info and we'll send you your free copy. 

(We respect your privacy and won't share your information with anyone)

Use this digital guide book to help develop flexibility and control for lifting and reaching overhead.

Includes 10+ exercises with descriptions, pictures, helpful hints, and links to video demonstrations!

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